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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Dec-1979Biological Reaction Formulas in Population BiologySHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
30-May-1978Categorization of Genetic Populations by Their Finiteness and InfinitenessSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
30-May-1978Compatibility of Mating Operations and Mating GraphsSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
30-May-1978A Conceptual Framework of States and Operations in Genetic PopulationsSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
30-Mar-1979A Construction Method of a Particular Kind of One-track K-E CodesSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方,守一
25-Dec-1979Construction of One-track m-n-p Code by Conjugate Class of Group ElementsSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
5-Apr-1976Derivation of Phyllotaxis from Symmetry of Growth and their Recurrence RelationshipsSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方,守一
30-May-1978Distinctions and Relations of Mating Frequency, Mating Graph, and Genotype FrequencySHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
30-May-1978Effect of Sexual Difference of Cross-over Probabilities in Selfed PopulationSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
30-Mar-1979Equivalence of Cross-overs, Amitabha-lot, and Switching Circuit from the View-point of Symmetric GroupSUEKANE, Ryota; SHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方,守一
30-Sep-1977An Equivalence of Right and left Bronchi of Some MammalsSHIKATA, Morikazu; MOMOI, Hironao; 志方,守一
30-Mar-1979Error Correction by One-track m-n-p CodesSHIKATA, Morikazu; 仕方,守一
30-May-1978An Extension of Mictic IndexSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
10-Mar-1978A Formal Correspondence between Two Expressions Derived for the Dichotomic Branchings of PlantsSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
30-Dec-1978A Generalization of Inbreeding Coefficient For More Than One Close-Loop PedigreesSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方, 守一
25-Feb-1977Generators of the Free Groups of PhyllotaxisSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方,守一
10-Mar-1978Graphical and Geometrical Symmetries of the Vascular Network of Some Biological OrgansSHIKATA, Morikazu; TOGAWA, Tetsuo; 志方,守一
5-Apr-1976A Group Representation of Growths of Plants and PopulationsSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方,守一
30-Sep-1977Infomation Theory in SoccerSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方,守一
30-Mar-1979Limit of Applications of Generalized Inbreeding Coefficient and Generalized Coefficient of ParentageSHIKATA, Morikazu; 志方,守一
Showing results 8 to 27 of 44
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