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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2021A case study : Longitudinal development of oral fluency in production of monologic narratives among two adult Japanese learners of English : NoteTSUSHIMA, Teruaki
20-Mar-2014A case study : a preliminary report on the effects of English pronunciation training on the use of pitch in the reading and the story telling taskTSUSHIMA, Teruaki; 対馬, 輝昭
25-Mar-2015A case study: How do Japanese learners of English learn to use acoustic cues to differentiate stressed and unstressed syllables in pronunciation training ?TSUSHIMA, Teruaki; 対馬, 輝昭
7-Dec-2017A pilot study on the rhythmic properties of English produced by Japanese learners before and after a five-month study abroad period.対馬, 輝昭; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
24-Feb-2010A Preliminary Study on Stimulus Order Effects in Discrimination of the English/b/-/v/Contrast during Categorial AX Discrimination TrainingTSUSHIMA, Teruaki; 対馬, 輝昭
5-Dec-2018An exploratory case study : Improvement of the ability to produce the rhythmic properties of English in a spontaneous speech task through long-term, individual-based speech training対馬, 輝昭; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
15-Feb-2023An interim report of a case study : Longitudinal development of L2 oral fluency during a study abroad program対馬, 輝昭; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
2-Dec-2020Development of fluency and English speech rhythm through individual-based, long-term speech training in the formal instruction settings対馬, 輝昭; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
23-Feb-2011Effects of stimulus order in categorial AX discrimination training on improvements of the ability to perceive the English/b/-/v/contrast among Japanese learners of EnglishTSUSHIMA, Teruaki; 対馬, 輝昭
29-Feb-2012On the Features of there Constructions Used by Japanese Speakers of EnglishMIYAKE, Hiroko; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
20-Feb-2013On The Preferential Use of there Constructions by Japanese Speakers of English : A Preliminary Study Using a Two-Alternative Forced-Choice Task in Linguistic and Discourse ContextsTSUSHIMA, Teruaki; MIYAKE, Hiroko; 対馬, 輝昭; 三宅, ひろ子
17-Feb-2022Progress in fluency and pronunciation through the Timed-Pair-Practice frameworkパイプ, ジェイソン; 対馬, 輝昭; PIPE, Jason; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
7-Dec-2022Progress in fluency through the Timed-Pair-Practice frameworkパイプ, ジェイソン; 対馬, 輝昭; PIPE, Jason; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
17-Feb-2021The Application of Suprasegmental Features of Pronunciation into the Classroom through the Timed-Pair-Practice Frameworkパイプ, ジェイソン; 対馬, 輝昭; PIPE, Jason; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
9-Nov-2016内容語と機能語の音節における強勢の有無を区別する能力の向上に対する発音トレーニングの効果対馬, 輝昭; TSUSHIMA, Teruaki
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15


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