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1757A letter to Bourchier Cleeve, Esq; concerning his calculation of taxes. Massie, Joseph 
1758A plan for the establishment of charity-houses for exposed or deserted women and girls, and for penitent prostitutes. Massie, Joseph 
1758A proposal for making a saving to the public of many thousand pounds a year in the charge of maintaining His Majesty's Marine Forces, and for the better regulation of them. Massie, Joseph 
1760A representation concerning the knowledge of commerce as a national concern; pointing out the proper means of promoting such knowledge in this kingdom. Massie, Joseph 
1759A state of the British sugar-colony trade; shewing, that an additional duty of twelve shillings per 112 pounds weight may be laid upon brown or muscovado sugar. Massie, Joseph 
1750An essay on the governing causes of the natural rate of interest; wherein the sentiments of Sir William Petty and Mr. Locke, on that head, are considered. Massie, Joseph 
1762An historical account of the naval power of France, from its first foundation to the present time. Massie, Joseph 
1761Brief observations concerning the management of the war, and the means to prevent the ruin of Great Britain. 2d ed. Massie, Joseph 
1756Caluculations of taxes for a family of each rank, degree or class: for one year. Massie, Joseph 
1757Considerations on the leather trade of Great Britain. Containing, an account of the losses which the landed as well as trading interests suffer by the exportation of unmanufactured British leather. Massie, Joseph 
1758Facts which shew the necessity of establishing a regular method for the punctual, frequent and certain payment of seamen employed in the Royal Navy. Massie, Joseph 
1759Farther observations concerning the Foundling-Hospital: pointing out the ill effects which such an hospital is likely to have upon the religion, liberty, and domestic happiness of the people of Great-Britain. Massie, Joseph 
1763Observations on the new cyder-tax, so far as the same may affect our woollen manufacturies, Newfoundland fisheries, &c. Massie, Joseph 
1760Observations relating to the coin of Great Britain; consisting partly of extracts from Mr Locke's Treatise concerning money, but chiefly of such additions thereto, as are thought to be very necessary at this juncture; not only for remedying the present great scarcity of silver, but for putting a stop to those losses which this nation suffers by the over-valuing of gold-money, and by prohibiting both the melting and exporting of British coin: whereunto is annexed, Sir William Petty's Quantulumcunque concerning money; reprinted from an edition that was printed for private use in the year 1695; and corrected by a manuscript copy of very good authority. Massie, Joseph 
1756Observations upon Mr Fauquier's Essay on ways and means for raising money to support the present war without increasing the public debts. Massie, Joseph 
1760Reasons humbly offered against laying any farther tax upon malt or beer; shewing that such a tax would not only cause great losses to the landholders of England, but be prejudicial to several branches of our manufacturies, and prove a pinch-belly tax to some hundred thousand families of labouring people: shewing also, that three years extraordinary supplies for war may be raised upon the exorbitant part of those prices which the sugar-planters have for above a year past obliged the people of Great Britain to pay for sugars. Massie, Joseph 
1758Reasons humbly offered against laying any further British duties on wrought silks of the manufacture of Italy, the kingdom of Naples and Sicily, or Holland: shewing the probable ill consequences of such a measure in regard to the landed interest, woollen manufacturies, silk manufacturies, fisheries, wealth, and naval power of Great Britain. Massie, Joseph 
1760Reasons humbly offered against. Massie, Joseph 
1760Reasons humbly offered against. Massie, Joseph 
1757The proposal, commonly [sic] called Sir Matthew Decker's scheme, for one general tax upon houses, laid open; and shewed to be a deep concerted project to traduce the wisdom of the legislature; disquiet the minds of the people; and ruin the trade and manufacturies of Great Britain. Massie, Joseph 
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