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1807Resolutions to be proposed in the committee on the finances of the country. Gt. Brit. Parliament. House of Commons 
10-Feb-2000Rethinking the Concept of Accountability in Social and Environmental Accounting陣内, 良昭; JINNAI, Yoshiaki
1800Return of the number of French emigrants resident in Great Britain including laity and clergy; made from the registers of the Alien-Office, 28th February 1800. Gt. Brit. Parliament. House of Commons, J. King [etc.] 
1811Return of the registrar of His Majesty's High Court of Admiralty, to an order of the honourable House of Commons, bearing date the 19th of March 1811, directing, that there be laid before the House, copies or extracts of any correspondence in the possession of the Admiralty Court, respecting the illicit exportation of gold coin, or of gold bullion, within the last three years. Gt. Brit. Admiralty. James Bush. 
1802Return of the whole number of persons within the several districts of the United States: according to "An act providing for the second census or enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States, "passed February the 28th, one thousand eight hundred. United States, Census Office. 2d census 
1811Return to an address of the honourable House of Commons of the 30 April 1811; - for a copy of the existing indentures between His Majesty and the officers of His Majesty's Mint, for the coinage of gold and silver ... -
1801Return to an order of the Honourable House of Commons, dated 13th April 1801, for an account of the value of all exports from Great Britain, for three years, ended the 5th of April 1801; distinguishing each quarter, and the value of British produce and manufactures from the value of foreign articles. Gt. Brit. Customs Establishment, William Irving 
1811Return to an order of the Honourable House of Commons, dated 15 February 1811; -for a copy of the communications between the Bank of England and the lords of the Treasury; -and, of a letter written by the secretary of the Treasury to the attorney and solicitor general; -and, of the opinions of the attorney and solicitor general, submitted to the Treasury, in the year 1772 respecting the execution of the laws, which prohibit the exportation of gold and silver: -vis. 1. Gt. Brit. Treasury. Rd Wharton. 
1811Return to an order of the honourable House of Commons, dated 15 February 1811; -for copies of any letters, that were written, from the Secretaries of the Treasury to the Commissioners of the Customs, in 1782 and 1783; communicating directions from the Lord Commissioners of the Treasury, for enforcing the laws against the exportation of coin; -viz. Copies of letters, dated 12 Spetember 1782. 9 August 1783. Gt. Brit. Treasury. Rd. Wharton. 
1796Return to an order of the Honourable House of Commons, dated 8th day of April 1796; "For an account of the exchequer bills issued on the vote of credit granted for the service of the year 1796, with the expence attending the same; and distinguishing the amount issued to discharge arrears due on the 1st of December 1795." Gt. Brit. Treasury Charles Long 
1800Return to an order of the Honourable House of Commons, for an account of the number and salaries of officers under the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, proposed to be added to the number existing on the 5th April 1799; distinguishing persons to be employed as surveyors and inspectors. Gt. Brit. Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, William Lowndes [etc., etc.] 
1800Return to an order of the House of Commons, for "An account of the amount of the public funded debt of the kingdom, at the following periods: viz. at the beginning of the years 1700, 1710, 1720, 1730, 1740, 1750, 1760, 1765, 1770, 1775, 1780, 1785, 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798, 1799, and 1800." Gt. Brit. Exchequer, James Fisher 
1811Return to the address of the House of Commons, dated the 10th of April 1811; -in regard to the deficiency in weight of the silver coins of the kingdom. Gt. Brit. Mint 
1797Return to the order of the Honourable House of Commons, of the 24th day of March 1797, for an account of the advances made, or ordered to be made, for the service of His Imperial Majesty, since the 13th of December 1796: and also of the securities for the repayment of the same; together with an account of the dates of the advances respectively. Gt. Brit. Treasury Charles Long. 
1811Return to the order of the House of Commons, dated 14th, February 1811; -for an account of all monies, which have been sent from this country by the Paymasters General of His Majesty's Land Forces, for the use of His Majesty's Armies abroad; or for the succour of His Majesty's Allies; from the 8th November 1809, exclusive, to 25th February 1811, inclusive: distinguishing gold from silver, bullion from coin, and the places to which the said monies were sent respectively; and distinguishing the amount purchased by the Paymasters General, from that, which they received otherwise than by purchase. Gt. Brit. War Office. Dd. Thomas. 
1800Return to the resolution of the Honourable the House of Commons, of the 13th of this instant;"that there be laid before this House, copies of all representations made to the Privy council, complaining of the want or high price of copper, either by the merchants, ship owners, or manufacturer." Gt. Brit. Ordnance Office, R. H. Crew 
1800Returns presented to the House of Commons, by Mr. Secretary at War. Gt. Brit. War Office, Harry Calvert 
1811[Review of the Report of Mr. Huskisson and Bosanquet's pamphlets] -
1798A review of the shipping system of the East-India Company; with suggestions for its improvement, to secure the continuance of the carrying trade to this country; and the advantages of the Indian commerce to the company. Cotton, Joseph 
25-Mar-1980"Riders to the Sea." John Millington Synge(1871-1909)KOJIMA, Tomi; KOJIMA, Tomi
Showing results 2938 to 2957 of 11133
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